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Staking Anvil Misshap "Click" to Login or Register 
I found it time to repair a nice 23 sixty type IIP received with pivots on the balance staff both gone.

I dug out my staking set and when the time was right I afixed the staff remover clamp and pilot tool to the balance wheel as it lay flat on the anvil.

I had picked the smallest possible hole though I believe that the next size bigger would also be OK. Due to the pilot action of the tool on the balance arms. Well I figured smaller MUST be the better choice. I made 100% sure the hub and jewel was completely in this hole and proceeded.

Things moved a bit SLOW AND TIGHT and I moved up from a tiny steel hammer to a larger brass hammer. I could tell something moved as I needed to retighten the lever and knurl nut on the staff remover and continued.

Well the staff was out BUT it had not fallen down through the anvil so I just thought enough and I had made sure through the ‘window’ that the staff pivot shaft was indeed going down. But no staff rolled out?

It turns out that the anvil hole on the top might be slightly bevelled to be user friendly. But the hole through and through was a little smaller such that the hub got turned cock-eyed and bound up.

I needed to remove the anvil and drive the busted bound staff up and out.

In the process I broke it into three pieces. Now taking checking measurements to compare with the new will be more ‘ambiguous’. Geeze.....

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