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IHC Life Member
Picture of Scott Cerullo
I have a list of 40 horological parts suppliers. I was wondering if it might be helpful to our membership to list them here with their websites or phone numbers. If it is OK and there is interest, I will post it.
Posts: 1033 | Location: Northeast Pennsylvania in the USA | Registered: June 02, 2003
Picture of Gary E. Foster
Hi Scott, sounds like a good idea to me, especially since I updated my web browser the other day and lost all my bookmarks.
Posts: 1012 | Location: Western Pennsylvania in the USA | Registered: February 17, 2007
IHC Life Member
Picture of Scott Cerullo
Here is the list.

Merrit's www.merritts.com 1-866-846-7789

Dinh www.jewelryandwatch.com, info@jewelryandwatch.com

Hamilton chronometer, military and 992 parts Larry Crutsinger 757-650-9470

Finntime Products, Patek to Peseuz, 1-800-237-2358

Old Watch Parts, David Wolfson, www.oldwatchparts.com/mart

Borel and Co, 1-800-766-6858

Casker 1-800-487-0408

Livesays 1-800-476-2715

HPS, ETA parts, Seiko, watch materials, 1-866-655-3155

Smith Supply House, 7800-23smith, or www.watchpartonline.com

Eckcells, watch materials, bearings for automatics, 1-800-514-1270

International Dial, 937-382-4535

Kirk Dial Refinishing, 253-852-5125

Repivoting for wrist and pocket watches 415-397-0310

Past Times Pocket Watch Parts 336-232-5188

Don Kroker Watch Movements, 559-229-8423

Dashto [CLOSED AT END OF 2017]

TMP Co,, sales@tmpco.com

PM Clocks info@pmclocks.com

McCaw Co. 1-800-537-0343

A and A Jewelry Supply, aatool@aajewelry.com

DRS watch Material, vungtau222@yahoo.com

Esslinger, esscor22@hotmail.com

Ferrell and Co., ferrellandco@aol.com

Lancaster Horological Supply, orders@horological supply.com

Paylak Inc. paylak@sboglobal.net

Star Time Supply, info@startimessupply.com

Twin City Supply, twincitysupplylynn@comcast.net

Uptown Material House, uptownmat@aol.com

Barton and Chase, 1-800-333-1961

Frei and Borel, 510-832-0355 http://www.ofrei.com/

A Cohen Co. Inc. 617-523-7440

Fine and Co., Jesse Rossner, 212-925-4239

International Watchman, watch bands and straps, 1-800-243-3014

Times of Plenty Fine Vintage Watch Bands, 1-619-347-1159 www.timesofplenty.com

Please feel free to add to this. It is late and there may be a typo or two, but these addresses and phone numbers should be a good help in finding some old or new parts.
Posts: 1033 | Location: Northeast Pennsylvania in the USA | Registered: June 02, 2003
There is Griffin Watch Supply in New Hampshire, 603-641-9225. He is open Tuesday through Thursday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. No email, no internet, no phone calls outside of these hours.
Posts: 160 | Location: Hartville, Ohio in the USA | Registered: August 18, 2005
IHC Life Member
Picture of Scott Cerullo
I thought that I would add a couple more.
Florida Watch Supply 727-327-1200.
Murrays 770-452-1415
Posts: 1033 | Location: Northeast Pennsylvania in the USA | Registered: June 02, 2003
Does anyone know of a supplier in Las Vegas?
Posts: 38 | Location: Las Vegas, Nevada in the USA | Registered: November 27, 2010
IHC Life Member
Picture of Patrick Wallin
Posts: 1732 | Location: Enumclaw, Washington in the USA | Registered: October 02, 2011
I think www.smithsupplyhouse.com has replaced
www.watchpartonline.com as the latter link leads to "page cannot be displayed".

I need a mainspring for a Smiths Lantern Clock (English) and took a chance at the name - wrong, of course but I did find the up dated link, I think.

The dimensions for the spring I need are:
w 4.10mm X .25mm thick X approx. 117cm for a barrel but a loop end could used adjusted to work.
Which suppliers would be likely to carry supplies for English clocks?

Posts: 11 | Location: Ontario in Canada | Registered: November 03, 2015
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