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Replacement Hair Spring "Click" to Login or Register 
IHC Member 1808
Picture of Philip A. Long
G'Day All,
I have an Illinois movement watch that was a private commission by a Cleveland watchmaker Jos. Schuster.
Serial No. 1321200. (See photo)
The hair spring has become magnetised and I am hoping that someone has a spare for sale.
I am happy to pay postage etc.



Posts: 75 | Location: Sydney in Australia | Registered: February 10, 2013
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Certified Watchmaker
Picture of Chris Abell
Morning Phil,

if the hairspring is truly magnetized simple demagnetize it.
Many people dont use these correctly, hold watch away from machine press button bring watch and manipulate inside coil (if coil type most common) for few seconds say 5 draw away arms length and release button.
if leaves are still sticking, odd are it has some strange contamination on it.
start with one dip good soak and swish, if still sticking other cleaners may break it down (non water based)
or you hairspring is damaged and need re forming, then the fun begins...
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