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16S Crossbar case question "Click" to Login or Register 
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Hi, I have a question on the Wadsworth crossbar cases as used on 992's.I've seen these cases just marked Wadsworth, with no Hamilton markings, with other brand movements in them.Were they a standard Wadsworth model before Hamilton started using them,or were they made just for Hamilton?I can't remember whether the ones I had seen had any extra case screw marks in them, one had a 23J Hampden No. 104 (model 5) in it. Thanks again, Ted.
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Hi Ted,

These cases do not have a "Hamilton" signature, they will be signed as "Wadsworth" like you see in the image below. The one I shared here is also shown in our "Hamilton Wadsworth Case Numbers History and Database" forum. Since it is Green-Gold-Filled you see it marked "14 K Gold-Filled" which would also be true on White-Gold-Filled models whereas a Yellow case will have "10 K Gold-Filled" markings. The marking of "Pat's Pend'g" refers to the Bar-Over-Crown feature, the patent for which gained a May 22, 1926 approval.

We could speculate about whether some of these were also sold to retailers but I have never seen any specific reference to that. If you find one with another make of early to mid-1920s movement that could mean the movement might be original to that particular case. Since we do have Hamilton advertising selling factory-cased watches in these cases beginning in 1924 there is no question about them.



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That's a good point about the signatures on Wadsworth-cased Hamilton watches, and it also applies to other Hamilton case models made by Wadsworth. You won't find "Hamilton" in the case signature of a BOC Case Model No. 2 or 10 either.

Best Regards,

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Thanks , guys, for some reason I just assumed the ones for Hamilton would have their name in them.I had seen Lindell's Hamilton case thread, but I misunderstood about whether they were Hamilton-marked.I think these crossbar cases were one of the nicest looking railroad cases.Thanks again!, Ted.
Posts: 1322 | Location: Lebanon, Connecticut USA | Registered: March 28, 2008
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