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hamiltonhorology.com login help "Click" to Login or Register 
Hi, I just inherited a Hamilton 992L, and checking this forum for info and tech data, I come across a user/password request to access a couple of the links. Apparently this is over and above my member user/PW. I Google hamiltonhorology.com and am routed back to this forum. Am I in a loop? Is there really such a .com site? Thanks, Ted
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I am not sure if that address is part of IHC185, I know Lindell is setting up some new areas so maybe that is one that isn't available yet?

If you follow this link you should be able to find your watch by serial number.


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Hey Ted,I just Googled hamiltonhorology.com and here is what I came up with as a third choice....

IHC185 Hamilton Horology

No passwords or user ID required....

Good luck,

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Thanks for the speedy help guys. I think what happened is that I did in fact get myself into a loop. I've had no trouble accessing either of these two sites. Thanks much, Ted
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Ted, Tom and Jerry,

If you look at the very first topic listed in this forum it has the basic links what you were looking for. That old link Ted was using has as Tom explained been replaced during this past year as we have acquired additional storage space. Notice the link Jerry found also has "library.ihc185.com" in the URL as do the eventual destinations from "Hamilton Movement Numbers and Hamilton Horology Reference Materials" regardless of where you choose to begin.

What we archive will be expanding in the coming months with additional "library.ihc185.com" links established and more information including a Waltham Material Catalog along with a lot of other advertising and documents.

Also check our "Technical Library, Serial Numbers and Site Links" for additional reference materials.


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