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992B Case Question "Click" to Login or Register 
Picture of Stephan Gaal
This picture shows the top part of my 992b case. The thing I have noticed (which does not show up very well) is that the colour of the bow and the bow extension to the case is slightly different (lighter) than the colour of the case itself. The watch no is C115782 which I make to be 1943. Case no is K060580. Has anyone else noticed this on their example? Could this be related to wartime ,perhaps a slight relaxation in quality for non critical things during those times or could this case have been messed with. It shows very little use. Your thoughts please.

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Picture of Stephan Gaal
Here is a better picture in case you all think I am nuts. In this one you can see a more coppery colour on the main body and a more brass colour on the extension for the bow. I have used a different light and background but there has been no editing of the picture at all.

Posts: 431 | Location: South Victoria, Australia | Registered: January 18, 2007
Hi Stephan

My 992B in Case 11 is definitely the same coloured gold throughout.

A question arises about your example; is the second hand correct? The blade looks too narrow and doesn't seems to have the delta shape.

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Picture of Lindell V. Riddle


There is a certain "patina" that sets in on Gold-Filled cases after a while. My bet is that if the case in question were cleaned (No offense intended!) it would probably be more evenly toned. Like Gordon I could discern no differences on the ones in my collection.

And yes, you might want to seek the correct seconds hand. It is the longer of two available lengths. Color of the hand will be blue or black to match the hour and minute hands and will be of the same design you see shown in the image below.


Early 992B in case 11 with three correct hands...

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Picture of Matthew E. Sutton
Lindell, the center of the hands around the pinion, on your example has a silver or unblued area. Is there a date frame associated with these hands verses the solid black (blued) hands?
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Picture of Stephan Gaal
Thanks all. I will have a go at cleaning it and see what happens. Will also try and find a correct second hand. I did have my doubts about the one that is fitted but you have to live with what is there till you know better.
Posts: 431 | Location: South Victoria, Australia | Registered: January 18, 2007
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