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Is this 992 original? "Click" to Login or Register 
Here is one of my "pride and joys",my 1934 992 ser. no. 2509919.
Something always bugged me about this watch and I would like to have your expert opinion on it:

Do the dial and the case belong together?

The case is a B&B Royal, 20 years, sn.6705174.


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I'm not sure about the dial, Peter, but I thought long pendant cases were out of vogue by the early 1920's.

Regard! Mark
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Hello Peter,

Mark is correct about the higher pendant cases with antique bows being phased out by the early 1920s but there are other factors to consider as well.

Let us begin with the year your movement was made, in fact your number 2509919 is actually from 1928-29 production. Going step by step, follow this link...

Hamilton Serial Number Listings Preserved by John F. Gelson

Go to numbered page 20 to see your movement number and also be sure to read the entire topic for additional information about number lists and the difference between them.

Another important to recognize point is that through the 1920s retail jewelers could buy the 992 movement, hands and dial from Hamilton and case it at their place of business. This opens up the possibility of unusual case combinations, including a somewhat older style case being used. But the preferred case is always a Hamilton factory case from the same time period as the movement. Most serious collectors would want it that way which means having a watch that is generally perceived to be "factory original" will always add significantly to its value.

Your movement looks to be exceptionally clean. Look for indentations around the rim of the case-frame along the edge nearest the movement. Any additional case-screw marks there would be evidence of the case having held another make of movement other than a Hamilton at one time. Unfortunately, cases are often changed.

By the way, your dial, called "Heavy Gothic" by Hamilton and all three hands are entirely correct and likely original to the movement as you will see in the 1929 advertisement shown below this posting. Also in the ad they show a Hamilton Model 2 Case which was a popular choice then and with modern-day collectors as well.



Advertisement from 1929 shows your dial and hands...

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Mark and Lindell, Thank you for answering my query, I apologize for the pictures quality, they were just intended to show the dial and the case.

Lindell, your explanation is (as usual) very detailed showing your deep knowledge of American pocket watches and their history and a will to pass it on.

Now, going back to the subject,..no, there are not other screw marks on the back of the case and both the case and the movement are in almost "as new"condition. I have the impression that if this watch was ever on a train, it must have been only in the company of a passenger.

Since I already have a 992B in the proper Model A case, I will keep this one as it is, a wolf in sheep clothing.

Once again I've been fooled by relying blindly on "the Bible"(The complete Price guide)I think that after 40 years since the last American pocket watch was made and countless editions, we could demand a little bit more accuracy in the facts and figures.

Best Regards
Posts: 192 | Location: Vicenza in Italy | Registered: February 04, 2009
It has been a long search but I finally found a model 2 case for my improperly dressed 992.

No matter how hard I tried to convince myself of the originality of the case / dial combination, it kept bugging me.

Thanks to Lindell for pointing me in the right direction.
Now the horological world has gained one more genuine (although without history) railroad pocket watch specimen.

I'm left with an old stile pendant case in very good shape that could house a 992 model 1 damascened movement, so if anybody out there has a complete one he could part with.....

And here is the newborn....

Posts: 192 | Location: Vicenza in Italy | Registered: February 04, 2009
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