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Help with dating a 992B "Click" to Login or Register 
I'm trying to date a 992B with a #11 case.

Movement: C26722
Lancaster case: 1333951

I think I've dated the movement to 1942. I can't seem to find case numbers though.

Help would be appreciated.
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The movement dated 1940 and I like how the #11 cases looked that one thing I need to learn is knowing the start of manufacture and the end on cases your watch had to be made in 1940.1940 was serial no. C001 to C39999 how about posting some photo's of your watch we like photo's
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Welcome aboard William,

Here is the most accurate information available...


All the information we provide in that graph from 1940 through 1954 is directly from the Hamilton Ledgers. Production of the then entirely new 992B began during mid-1940 and shipments commenced in October of that year. You will notice the numbers through 1946 are shown as mid year to mid year on our charts as that is how they were originally recorded.

For that reason it is important to note your movement number C26722 does indeed falls into late 1941 or early 1942 production.


Please carefully follow the asterisks on the chart for additional information.

One final comment about movement numbers, beware of any reference list where the numbers just all too neatly show nearly the same amount of production attributed to each year. Those are merely approximations and are therefore can be very unreliable. Stop and think, no company in any field, not even a candy bar company Smile ever made the same amount of anything year after year.

Now to your case, in the early years many 992B movements like yours and as Mike mentioned previously will be housed in the Model 11 case. Your number 1333951 (could it be a K1333951 number?) leads to a Model 11 or less likely a Case A but it is a Hamilton-Keystone number from that time-frame. You might enjoy checking the advertisement below this post to see the one that looks like your case.

Cases available during early 992B production...

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Sorry if I gave out bad info got it out of the book complete price guide to watches in that book it's start's 1940 serial no C001 and 1941 starts with C40,000 there are a lot of miss print's in that book.
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That is one area that could benefit from improvement. We will make our 992B Listings available for next years watch guide and it will most likely be used as an upgrade. IHC185 Members have an exclusive forum to politely suggest improvements...

CLICK TO: Help Update the "Complete Guide to WATCHES"

The 2009 Edition has more that 100 improvements over the 2008 Edition as a result of IHC185 Member suggestions. In my opinion the "Complete Guide to Watches" is a great resource that gets better and better every year.


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