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Single sunk Hamilton dials on 992B "Click" to Login or Register 
I'm wondering if single sunk porcelain dials (non RWS) marked only Hamilton were available on the 992B pretty much all through the 1940s or were an available option after WW II when the factory had production problems with the double sunk dials. I'm considering such a simple single sunk dial (080 HG non RWS) on a C62,XXX 992B (1943-44) in a model 10 case. I think the 537 dial on it now is too busy for such a streamline case. But I want authenticity.
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William, I have an all original 992b, SN C-175,495 in a model 11 case which has an 080 dial. THis will let you know that they were on one this late.

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Yes Bill, they essentially ran out of dials and for a while cases in that 1943-44 time frame.

Seconding Tom's comment, his watch and yours both check out with numerous others, some of the labeled boxes and boxed-sets that have turned up. And just for additional confirmation look at the "No. 12" example in the ad shown below, that's the 080 Single Sunk (HG) Hamilton Signature "Heavy Gothic" Dial both of you have.

Hamilton catalog from 1946-47 shows this dial...

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Thanks, Lin your input is very helpful and as always, much appreciated. And Tom, thanks also for providing your example.
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I have found many non RWS dials on 992bs, especially 080 dial version.
But I have never seen one exactly one like this.
Is this a dial that belongs on a non-railroad grade?
This dial is on a 2 tone 992b.


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