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Help requested in my search for my first Hamilton 992b "Click" to Login or Register 
IHC Member 3043
Picture of Dave Keefe
Hi folks

I’ve been fascinated by watches for about two years now. It started with getting my late father-in-law’s watch serviced so my wife could wear it, and once I got a look inside a mechanical watch and spent some time in a watchmaker’s shop, well, there was no escape. My first love was wrist watches, and didn’t see any sense in pocket watches - I’ve never seen anyone wear one, never held one, never thought I’d like them. Then about about a year ago I started reading about pocket watches over on the OmegaForums, and my interest was kindled. It wasn’t long before I bought my first pocket watch at an online auction. After that, well, there was no escape. And so here I am, now 6 pocket watches deep, and wanting another. Excuse me, need, I NEED another.

It was great to find y’all here with a LOT of pocket watch knowledge and enthusiasm, thank you for this community that you’ve built. I would value your sage advice as I look towards acquiring my 2nd railroader, this one a Hamilton 992b. If I’ve missed seeing answers already given to my questions below, please re-direct me.

Here we go…

I would like a porcelain dial, which I understand would be expected on a model from 1940 thru mid-’48, with the serials listed below, from this fine thread by Lindell V. Riddle on Hamilton 992b movement numbers year-by-year from 1940 through 1970: https://ihc185.infopop.cc/eve/...4108073/m/9293976487

C87701-C112400 .......................1944-1945

I haven’t built a competency to tell a melamine dial from a porcelain one, and I expect that I’ll need to keep an eye on the right watch possibly having a later replacement dial.

I’m a Canadian. I was originally looking for a Canadian dialed watch, envisioning that I could channel our country’s history through these unique dials. However, the further I looked, the more I found that it was the Montgomery dials that caused my heart to pitter patter - they are drop dead gorgeous - especially with the more eccentric typeface, such as the number 537 dial shown in this post by Richard Romero titled Hamilton 992, 992E, and 992B Case & Dial Identification. (1924-1971): https://ihc185.infopop.cc/eve/...4108073/m/1743914067. From what I have seen, the Canadian (24hr) dials of the 992b era were more plain and blocky, though I have seen some more eccentric Canadian dials on this forum, but they are on models earlier than the 992b. A Canadian dialed watch will have to wait : )

My questions about dials are:
• I don’t yet know what I don’t know. So, are there any guidelines, pitfalls or other surprises with correct Montgomery dials on a Hamilton 992b? Would a certain dial “belong” on a particular case, and others not?
• Some seem to say “railway special”, others do not. Do we know why? I assume that railway special marked dials will have a price premium over those without it

By way of a case, I definitely do not have a solid gold budget, but I understand that most if not all of the 21J 992bs were gold filled cases anyway. I would prefer a white or green gold-filled case, but yellow gold could suit. I enjoy the more ornate cases, and am seeking a case 11. That “flying train wheel” motif? That’s catnip.

My questions regarding cases are:
• Are there any/many white or green gold filled 992b’s around?
• Were rose gold cases produced for 992b’s?
• How much of a unicorn would a salesman’s display back case be?

So, if you have made it this far, thank you. To sum it all up, I am looking for a Hamilton 992b in a white, green, rose or yellow gold-filled #11 case and a Montgomery dial. Thank you in advance for whatever guidance or other links that you can provide.
Posts: 90 | Location: Vancouver, Canada | Registered: November 24, 2020
IHC Member 163
Picture of Mark Cross
I’d say contact Tom Dunn on possibilities. He seems to be able to source specific watches for folks. He has for me!

Regards! Mark
Posts: 3829 | Location: Estill Springs, Tennessee, USA | Registered: December 02, 2002
IHC Member 1357
Dave, I would post in the "wanted to buy" section
likely to get more attention.

Posts: 4077 | Location: Carbon, Texas in the USA | Registered: January 24, 2010
IHC Member 3043
Picture of Dave Keefe
Thank you both. I felt like I was still one foot in the research phase, so I could be more laser-focused when actively hunting. I guess my main questions are:

• Are there any/many white, green or rose gold-filled 992b’s around?

• How much of a unicorn would a salesman’s display back case be? Is there a % premium for these, or do collectors not give a hoot about them?

Thank you in advance Smile
Posts: 90 | Location: Vancouver, Canada | Registered: November 24, 2020
IHC Member 2030
Regards to your first sentence “there was no escape “

Good luck on the journey , it will have no end, hopefully
Posts: 1113 | Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia in the USA | Registered: February 08, 2015
IHC Member 1357
I have had 2-3 992B's in white gold model 2 cases
and 1 in a model 2 rose gold with a shield(for initials) on back. Only one I have ever seen. The white cases can still be seen on ebay.

In regards to the display case,I do not really like
them because of having to pry off bezel to set time. For a pendant set watch they are nice.
Posts: 4077 | Location: Carbon, Texas in the USA | Registered: January 24, 2010
IHC Member 3043
Picture of Dave Keefe
Thank you all. Roger, thanks for the note about display cases - I’ve never held one, so your learnings are helpful. I’ve found a post by Robert Sweet on the another forum about the No 11 case as being the first to ship with the 992bs, and having come in natural (yellow) gold only

Request made in WTB section. https://ihc185.infopop.cc/eve/...183903597#5183903597

Thank you Smile
Posts: 90 | Location: Vancouver, Canada | Registered: November 24, 2020
Railway Historian
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Picture of Larry Buchan
Hello Dave:
If you want to see some Canadian private labels, you can look at mine on the Tales From the Rails.

Good hunting
Posts: 3370 | Location: Okotoks Alberta Canada | Registered: November 22, 2002
IHC Member 3043
Picture of Dave Keefe
Larry, what a great thread you created, I’ll enjoy working through it this weekend! I’ve been Looking for a private label watch from Sarnia, ON, which was quite the railway hub back in the day, esp with the RR tunnel to the US. You’ve inspired me to resume the search.

Since you enjoy the history of Canada, you might like this Omega 19 ligne pocket watch from c1903. The watchmaker was located in Calgary NWT - before Alberta became a province Cool I’ll post more about it in another thread when it comes back from service

Posts: 90 | Location: Vancouver, Canada | Registered: November 24, 2020
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