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Would it be appropriate for a 992B made in the 1943-44 time frame to be placed in a Model 15 Case? I know the Model 15 case came out later, but just wondering how collectors feel about casing.
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Hi Roger,

This is a question many collectors have pondered, here is one man's opinion. Big Grin

The easy answer is "NO!" because we want to do all we can to have "period-correct" examples in our collections. And if the movement, hands and dial are in collector-quality condition we should obtain a proper case to house them. Likewise if the Model 15 Case is nice, if you have a good Model 15 Case it should be used to house a correct movement

Generally, we owe that not only to posterity but also to maximize the value of our collection.

An exception to that rule might be the scratched up movement that runs well but fronts a hair-lined dial and slightly rusty hands. In such an instance to place it in a well-worn case and either use it or sell it as a carry-watch is altogether worthwhile. Just as not all old cars are show cars, not all watches are necessarily deserving of preservation.

The Model 15 Case was introduced in mid-1950 and the earliest of those had a "R-Prefix" on the case number, later they evolved into a "P-Prefix" which would continue until the end of production nearly twenty years later. Some of us have kept track of boxed and other known to be correct examples and can come fairly close on the numbers.

I would always try to keep them as close to period-correct as I reasonably could.

Let's see what others say,


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The model 15 steel case was available as a generic replacement railroad model case from the Star Watch case Co. through material houses until the later 1970s. This would be a legitimate re-case for any railroad or lever set watch whose original case became too worn or damaged. However I would agree with Lindell that a marked Hamilton model 15 case should, for authenticity and posterity, should have an appropriate movement and dial combination of the same time period.
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Thank you Lindell and William for your thoughtful opinions. I have a 992B govt model and it deserves a proper case. So what model number case would be the one used for 1943-44? Maybe I will see if anyone wants to trade my model 15 case for a correct case. Smile
Posts: 1078 | Location: Ticonderoga, New York USA | Registered: March 01, 2008
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