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Hamilton Two Tone 992B "Click" to Login or Register 
I bought a Two Tone 992B a while back and i am going to sell it.My question is what is the right case for a Two Tone.The case that came with it is a base metal Wadsworth.Thank you in advance for your reply.
Posts: 29 | Location: Hagerstown, Maryland USA | Registered: November 15, 2006
The case would be the model "3" which is essentially the model 2 case frame (bar over crown, very flat crown marked "Hamilton Railroad")in yellow gold filled with white (stainless steel i.e. base metal) bezel and back with matching pattern. There has been speculation that Wadsworth had surplus case centers after WW II and made some bezels and backs to use with them from surplus dies to make functional cases, thus the disparate components. Hamilton needed to get civilian watches back on the market after the war and also used some cheap chrome plated cases (model 12) around this time. If this descibes your case please post it for sale int the Chapter 185 for sale site, I'd be interested in a shot at it.
Posts: 653 | Location: St Paul, Minnesota in the USA | Registered: May 04, 2004
Thanks William,that sounds like the one i have.I'll post it with photos tonight.I have a 992E and a 992 with box on ebay right now.
992- 250191099855
992E- 250190920274
Posts: 29 | Location: Hagerstown, Maryland USA | Registered: November 15, 2006
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