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Correct 950B dial??? "Click" to Login or Register 
I would like some advice about this Ham 950B.The serial number is S10736, which I believe dates to 1951. The case serial number is K346232, which I also believe dates to 1951. I bought this off of EBAY, non-working. The dial I believe is a "151" numerical?? Is this dial correct for a 950B? I've looked at the dial research information and the dial is not listed as one of the examples. I was thinking about replacing it with a 23 JEWEL Melamine dial, if I can find one. I think it's original because the case halves were practically glued on with years of gunk. It took some torque to remove them from the watch. Any thoughts?

Posts: 54 | Location: Minnesota in the USA | Registered: June 26, 2013
IHC Member 139
I would think this is a 992B dial and not for a 950B.

Posts: 580 | Location: Kingsport, Tennessee in the USA | Registered: November 26, 2002
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John: I believe that is the original dial. My friend has the same dial on a 950B in the 10000 serial number range that he bought in 1960 for $50. Gary
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Congrats on the buy - John... The dial cleaned up very well from the listing on ebay (was watching the listing, too). That is a hard dial to find that is not riddled with hairlines. As Gary stated - I would just leave her as is. Looks good and something a little different. The crown looks like new!
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Thanks Jon, I had to replace the staff and clean it up a bit. Runs very well. I didn't think I would be able to afford a 950B and was pleasantly surprised when I won it. My first 950B.
Posts: 54 | Location: Minnesota in the USA | Registered: June 26, 2013
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