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A possible rare factory dial and case combination? "Click" to Login or Register 
On ebay right now listing# 310218447334 is a 992b in a model 2 case but with the double sunk dial seen on the 950E Mainliner. Serial number C4378 and case number H416758. A few weeks ago at an estate sale I bought an identical 992B. Same dial and case combination. My watch is C6340 and case number H428129. Pretty close together, may not be coincidence. I'm wondering if these watches are possibly original factory combinations ?

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Hi Bill,

Very timely question!

Just yesterday one of our IHC Members called to ask about 992B number C6202 in a Case 11 numbered 1231509 and fronting the very same dial you are asking about. My opinion of these and of others like them I have seen over the years is that they are very likely original combinations. That is based on the fact we find the movements and cases all date to the very same time-frame and they all employ the same style dials. With so many turning up it would not seem to be just the usual dial swapping that is all too prevalent in our hobby.

There have been other early 992B movements showing up with the HG dial we normally associate with the earlier 992-Elinvar movements. One can only speculate that Hamilton ran short on the "Hamilton Railway Special" dials and their response was to simply use some of the dials they had in stock. We also find 992B examples from the same time with blued, polished center hands then later during wartime shortages they used up some 1920's style skeletonized hands! It seems that watch companies tended to make use of their old material.

In fact we know for certain that Hamilton actually ran out of cases during 1943-44 and at that point they used some left-over and previously rejected case designs. All that being said, most collectors will usually prefer their watches to look like the contemporary advertising as those require no speculative explanation such as this one.

Those are my observations, they and a dollar will get you a soft drink.



Collectors study advertising and prefer the easily proven...

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