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Model A Case Year of Introduction? "Click" to Login or Register 
What year was the Model A case introduced?? Anyone have info. as to earliest recorded Model A case serial number and 992B movement serial number cased therein??
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The Case Model A came along in 1940 and I'm sure others have additional information.

For what it's worth 1272360 is the lowest number Case A in my collection. It houses a very late 992-Elinvar number 2652640 which according to the Gelson List is from the 9th and final 992-Elinvar run during 1940 production. This combination apparently predates the 992B introduction which was in October of that year.

Hope that gets you started!

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Yes-thanks Lindell. I looked at a collection of RR Hamiltons and made a tentative offer on an early 992B, serial no. C-4digits. (Forgot to write it down). It was in a minty Model A case but I hesitated , thinking the Model A case became available only in the late 1940s. (The watch also had blue hands). This clears up my doubt because I think the serial no. of the case was close to the one you mentioned. To be continued....
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The label shown below is the earliest "A"/992B combination I have located.

According to the "Gelson" serial numbers records, this would date to 1943-44.

Hamilton did not advertise the "A"/992B combination until the late 40's in their catalogs, but we know from several box label's that it was being sold much earlier.


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I just bought 950B serial number S368 in model A case #1272490. Wasn't cheap but worth it as it had perfect 23J RWS dial and cleam virtually scratch free movement with gold train. Case moderately worn but original. I'm helping to answer my own question
Posts: 653 | Location: St Paul, Minnesota in the USA | Registered: May 04, 2004
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