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Could case model 13 maybe be the 2 tone model 3?? "Click" to Login or Register 
Just a thought. Wondering if maybe, just maybe, the unknown model 13 is really the model "3" (the 2-tone born-again model 2). There was after all an earlier model 3 992L with checkerboard pattern on bezel and back. Maybe they didn't wan't to use the unlucky number 13, like some old office buildings that don't have a named 13th floor. Maybe the sales dept. didn't think a number 13 would sell. I think the two tone watchcase was roughly contemporary with the short-lived model 12 circa 1947.
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You are absolutely correct Bill, many people are superstitious about numbers.

Here are a couple points you may find interesting, Hamilton used the designation "Number 3" in advertising for the later 1946-47 two-tone model whereas they previously used Model 3 on the earlier 1926 checkerboard design case. And although the Number 3 did use the same style yellow-gold-filled case frame of the Model 2 the back and bezel were of a different design and they were formed using stainless-steel. (This can get very confusing!) The "Number 3" also carried its own distinctive design on the edges of the bezel and back which once committed to memory makes them much easier to recognize.

On the left, Model 2 and on right "Number 3" bezel design...

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That bezel pattern on the number 3 two tone looks similar to one used on some of the first model Bunn Special cases. Both cases are by Wadsworth. Re-using old dies maybe??
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