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Hamilton bakelite boxes "Click" to Login or Register 
How many different color bakelite boxes are known? I remember there was a thread on this subject awhile back. It seems most of them are off-white. The boxed 992B set I have contains a black bakelite inner box and of course blue (and beat up, but with readable label) outer cardboard box. Movement is C134128, case K076744, Case Model A , H.G. dial. Everything matches. The inner box has its original nice and musty blue liner, with Hamilton seal on it, hidden when liner in place.
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They are actually plastic rather than bakelite and some 15 different colors are known.

There is a lot of specific information and some speculation in this forum, in Pocket Watches and Pitfalls as well. A search of "boxes" or "Hamilton Boxes" will be quite an adventure. Start with the eight pages of our "HAMILTON 992B MOVEMENT NUMBERS" topic which has a lot of information.

I'll add your set to our database, we will publish numbers in the near future.

Here is where yours fits in neatly...

1945-46 (C112401-C137500) ----------------------------------

C118979 (Case 11) K032360

---------- (Case 11) K041651

C131003 (Case 11) K071205 DS HG Dial [Brown Boxed Set]

C133325 (Case A) K076867 DS HG Dial

C134128 (Case A) K076744 DS HG Dial <<< Your watch Big Grin


Hope this helps get you rolling. Smile


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Thanks for your (always) helpful information and input, Lindell. As some of my Southern watchmaker friends would say: "Appreciatcha"!
Posts: 653 | Location: St Paul, Minnesota in the USA | Registered: May 04, 2004
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