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Is this a gold center wheel in this 992 movement? "Click" to Login or Register 

I have only just acquired a Hamilton 992 pocket watch from an online seller. Being my first Hamilton, I have been researching various aspects of the movement. I have a question about the center wheel on this particular watch. Below is a picture of the wheel as was provided in the advertisement:

The serial is 1587931, putting the manufacture date of this movement around 1921. I understand that the center wheel should be gold for this vintage but this photo appears to make the wheel look like it is a base metal. I just wanted to verify that the wheel does appear to be original, to a trained eye.

Thank you.

- Robert
Posts: 2 | Location: Toronto in Canada | Registered: July 04, 2013
IHC Member 1335
Picture of Tom Brunton
looks to be gold as do the jewel settings
Posts: 1746 | Location: Aylmer, Ontario in Canada | Registered: December 15, 2009

Agree w/ Tom... You can see the contrast w/ the 3rd and 4th wheels (brass)
Posts: 7178 | Location: Illinois in the USA | Registered: November 11, 2011
Thank you gentlemen. That was helpful information. My expectation would have been a yellow-gold sheen but the camera and lighting must have altered the color in the photo.

- Robert
Posts: 2 | Location: Toronto in Canada | Registered: July 04, 2013
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