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Is there a book? "Click" to Login or Register 
I must admit that I'm having a great time learning so much about 992B's. To be honest, I never gave them a whole lot of thought before.

I am most impressed at the ability of you folks to identify the "proper" cases, dials and hands that go with each model and version.

Is there a book that carries that information, at least for Hamilton (if not for others)?
Posts: 986 | Location: Flagstaff, Arizona USA | Registered: June 19, 2005
yeah.. there is a book.. it is in my and a few other's heads....... just not put pen to paper......
Posts: 1496 | Registered: November 20, 2002
OK Terry.....

When is this book going to be made available? Roll Eyes
Posts: 993 | Registered: November 22, 2002
a majority of it is posted on these boards...

it is difficult enough just dealing with everyday issues... much less trying to get a country boy to write something.... Eek
Posts: 1496 | Registered: November 20, 2002
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It would probably be fair to say that our "Hamilton 992B Research Forum" is a constantly updated book readily available to anyone with an internet connection and a desire to learn.

The fact so many good people freely share what they know says a lot about each of them.

Thanks to everyone participating in this project!

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