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Rare bow on 992B? "Click" to Login or Register 
I have a Hamilton 992B with a Railroad Special dial. Case is marked Hamilton and the crown is marked Hamilton Railroad. My question is the bow. I have not seen such a bow at any of the pictures here at IHC. Has anyone of you seen a bow like this on a 992B? What kind of case is this? My first question in Chapter 185…

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Welcome Aboard Göran!

Your case is a Hamilton Case 17 produced from the mid-1950s to the end. The earliest ones were made by Keystone but the majority will be marked as "Star" inside the case back.

Below this message you will see the bow and crown area of a top condition Case 17 with the original bow. Your bow is a replacement for one that was worn and may have even pulled off the case. Scroll up and down carefully and see the difference in wear around the pendant area, particularly the outer corners on either side of the crown, wear can also be observed to your crown and around the bezel.

See what you think!


Here is a Star version of Case 17 in top condition...

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Thanks for this information Lindell! I can also see a difference in the ornament on both sides of the crown on the case, there were these kind of difference on the samme cases?

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To my eyes, the difference is simply more wear. Otherwise the same, to my eyes.
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Goran, You are very welcome here. Keep asking questions, anything horological that you always wanted to know, or anything else fo that matter. We would be pleased to know a little bit about you if you are so inclined to let us in. Smile

I don't know how to make the little dots over the o in yor name. Must be a keystroke left off of my keyboard. Big Grin
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Thanks for your kind words of welcome!
I’m a teacher from northern Sweden. A few years ago I bought an American watch, a Hamilton 16 s, 21j 992 and really fell i love in this beauty. The movement is really a miracle of craftmanship! Since then I have bought some more Hamilton and also some other pocket watches. A beginner but picking up….
I also have a well hidden dream of being able to take apart a watch and then even put it together in working condition again… I bought a movement Hamilton 912 for that purpose… but am still gaining enough courage…
Happy to have the opportunity to read all information here at IHC185!
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Welcome Goran!
I'm fairly new myself,and it's thanks to the people at IHC185 that I'm able to take apart and reassemble a pocket watch.
I believe a 912 has a 3/4 plate which is ideal for your first one. Bring your questions here about tools or how to proceed when you get stuck(I did!) and someone will help-I promise you that!
Hope to hear from you-

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Marty, thanks for your advice. For example - if I want to test the movement first to see if it runs ok, how can I wind it?
Posts: 50 | Location: Sweden | Registered: April 14, 2008
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