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Hi fellas-Question---The dials that said Hamilton Electric Railway Special--were they only put on 974 special models? thanks BOB
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Here's some info I found on other posts--

"Problem is that near as I can tell the 974 special movement didn't come out until 1928. On the other hand, the Electric Railway Special was only made until 1925, when Dueber-Hampden noted that they were in violation of copyright for using "Railway" on the dial. So it would seem that any proper Electric Railway Special should be on a 974 movement, and that any Railway Special on a 974 special movement is a later marriage."

"An Electric Railway should be on a 974, and an Electric Interurban can be either on a 974 (if pre-1928) or a 974 special (if 1928 or after)".

Lots more about this by searching for "Hamilton Electric Railway Special"

Hope this helps

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Thanks steve ll look it up
Posts: 57 | Location: New York in the USA | Registered: February 05, 2013
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Using our "Find or Search" feature, I found these previous discussions…

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…hopefully those topics provide additional information for you.

Image posted by Richard Romero February 10, 2011

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