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Picture of Jack Davis
Good Morning!

I have a private label watch for M.E. Nabstedt & Sons from Davenport, IA. The serial number is 1280853 and it is marked 17 Jewels, adjusted.

It looks a little like a Rockford 12s and a bit like a Gruen 12s but I am just not sure. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks!


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Your movement is a dead ringer for a 12 size Longines. The serial number sequence looks correct also. Look for a four digit calibre number stamped on the pillar plate, such as 18.23 or similar. The Longines name may also be stamped under the dial.
BTW, the capped upper escape pivot and the "17 Jewels" marking indicate that the lower center wheel is probably not jeweled, and that the lower escape pivot is not cap jeweled. This was a common Swiss jeweling configuration.

Ed Ueberall
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The Escapement
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Picture of Jack Davis
Thanks Ed, great information! I had looked at Longines movements in Cooksey's book but the only 3F bridge shown was for a minute repeater.

Posts: 208 | Location: Elgin, Illinois USA | Registered: November 30, 2002
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