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Record Watch Co. Question "Click" to Login or Register 
IHC Member 1153
Hi all,
I see info on the Record 435 B/C here, but can not find much about the Record Company. I have a 433 that is 17j unadjusted, but it appears to be getting RR time, I also see that you have trouble now finding them very cheaply. Whats the scoop on them ?
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Hello Bill,

This is from what I have in my Record Watch Company notes:

1903: Founded by a group with the purpose to acquire patent for the Sector Watch, a triangular pocket watch with retrograde display.
1916: Merged with several companies under the name Record Dreadnought Watch Company, S.A., with all kinds of clocks, watches, and movements. Various brands names of the involved companies continued to be used.
During the 1940s there were Record wristwatches made for the British Air Ministry.
1949: The original name Record Watch Company, S.A. was registered again. They marketed "bumper" self-winding wristwatches and by 1952 a line of rotor-wound automatics.
In the mid-1950s Ball Watch Company marketed Record pocket watches with the Ball Watch Company markings.
1960: Record pocket watch (calibre 435B) was the first Swiss watch to achieve wide acceptance on U.S. Railroads.
1961: Longines bought the majority interest in Record. The brand Record continued and on some watches marked as Longines-Record. Some Record calibres were renamed as Longines calibres.
1991: Record name was discontinued.

Hope that helps the discussion.

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Thats a pretty elaborate background of the company,
Thanks for all the information,
Posts: 1278 | Location: British Columbia in Canada | Registered: May 19, 2008
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