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rules of the thumb ? any available ?

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November 25, 2014, 03:59
Mario Pagani
rules of the thumb ? any available ?
Hi all. I am trying to figure out some 'rule of the thumb' to understand almost at a glance, however roughly, age, manufacturer of a pw. My objective (really I don't know if attainable) is to get a first idea of a watch, and thus have definite questions for a deeper examination hopefully leading to a positive identification. I think that a watch (that is movement & case together) could be like, say, a car or a dress. With a car (or a dress or a piece of furniture or ...) you can realize almost at a glance the style, and thus the age. I am considering the style of finish, some technical features (like kind of balance, ways of jewels setting, regulators etc). Any help ?
Many thanks and regards