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Help ID Movement & How to Remove Dial "Click" to Login or Register 
Picture of Mary Ann Scott
I picked up this nice running movement for $7.50 and would like some help identifying it. I looked through the watch guide and could not find anything similar. Any ideas?

Also, I would like to remove the dial to see if there are any marks on the dial plate, but can't figure out how to. There are "pins" on either side holding the dial on. How to I remove the dial? Thanks for any help you can offer.

Posts: 1047 | Location: The Colony, Texas in the USA | Registered: December 20, 2008
IHC Life Member
Picture of David Abbe
Mary Ann, Those two pins are actually rotary cam locks. If you inspect them closely you will see that they increase in radius and/or angle to pull up and lock the dial pin (and crack the dial if locked too hard).

Using a screwdriver turn them in the direction of least resistance and they should unlock the dial pins so that you can remove the dial.

Also call me about a model 88
Posts: 6492 | Location: Southern California in the USA | Registered: July 19, 2007
Picture of Mary Ann Scott
Thanks once again, Dave! I did as you said and was finally able to get the dial off. There was only a
number of 16845 on the dial plate which is not much help in trying to determine who made this movement.
If anyone has an idea, I would love to hear from you. I do know it has a pretty moustache lever. If it didn't already have a name, I would call it a butterfly lever. Smile
Posts: 1047 | Location: The Colony, Texas in the USA | Registered: December 20, 2008
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