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A question of Balance "Click" to Login or Register 
Hi, I am practicing balance wheel removal, on an old movement, Does anyone know if there is an
Easier way of doing this, besides patience, the stud is cheese shaped I have probably ruined the hair spring in my thwarted attempts To replace it in the cock any suggestions welcome , as long as there not rude, Thanks in Advance Les

Posts: 107 | Location: Liverpool, England | Registered: November 27, 2009
IHC Life Member
I usually take a flattened piece of Rodico and push the balance cock into it with the jewel end hanging over the edge of the Rodico. That keeps the balance cock from moving and sliding around while you are getting the hairspring stud into the hole and getting the first coil between the regulator pins. Make sure the stud screw is backed out far enough to allow the stud free play in the hole. Your picture looks like the screw is in too far. Snug the screw enough to hold the stud in place while it is in the Rodico and make final tightening after removing it. The stud sometimes needs to be adjusted once on the movement. Patience is the operative word in just about every aspect of watchwork and sometimes it is best to walk away and come back later.

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Thank you Roger, Sounds very promising Much appreiated, Best regards Les
Posts: 107 | Location: Liverpool, England | Registered: November 27, 2009
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