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European Watches Approved for North American Railroads "Click" to Login or Register 
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-This was the topic presented today by Ed Ueberall at the NAWCC National in Cleveland. The subject was very interesting and surprising in that not many people know that foreign watches were used on the American Railroads.

I want to thank Ed for presenting especially because he was battling a cold and sore throat but did a fabulous job in a presentation lasting well over an hour Smile
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Really good topic, I would love to know more about this question.

I have an Elgin Pocket Watch made for the Canadian market, but have no idea which ones may have been used in the United States. If any?

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Usually the way to identify a movment made for the Canadian market are:

Private label markings for a Canadian jeweler and/or being housed in a Canadian made case. Although dials with 24 hour markings are frequently referred to as "Canadian" dials, they were sometimes fitted to watches sold and used in the US and Mexico.

This was a little different than the topic of my talk at the Chapter 185 meeting, which discussed foreign made (either German or Swiss) movements which were approved for railroad service in the US, Canada, or Mexico.

Ed Ueberall
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The Escapement
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Oops! I understood that part, I just got anxious about sharing my Pocket Watch when I read the post.

I do want to know about the foreign watches and who they were, how to recognize them, etc.

This is really interesting to me.
Even a little info. would be great.

Sorry to hear about your cold, hope you feel better soon.

Posts: 3094 | Location: La Plata, Maryland U.S.A. | Registered: May 22, 2004
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