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I have a Waltham pocket watch serial number 35001913. Size 16 with 17 jewels. Movement says Waltham Watch Co. Also on the movement it says SEVENTEEN 17 JEWELS. NEXT TO THAT IS SAY "UNADJUSTED SWISS". The only other markings are WXTO. I checked out the serial and it seems to have been manufactured around 1957. I have included pictures. I was checking out this watch and the NAWCC and you need a bullet proof jacket to mention a Waltham Swiss. It was very heated on their forum. So saying that I am not trying to make anyone mad or ruffle any feathers. Move me to Swiss if you must.

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Richard, you won't ruffle any feathers here, we're all watch enthusiasts that try to help each other, and you're in the right place for Swiss stuff.

Can't help with any information on your Swiss 'Waltham' I'm sorry to say, as I've no experience with them.
Hopefully someone will chime in and help though.

Best regards

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Hello Richard,

I can tell you a little about your watch. The unadusted marking indicates that it was imported for sale here in the USA to avoid tariffs. The movement can likely be identified by removing the balance cock or looking under the dial for the makers mark. That will expose the real manufacturer.

By the time this watch was made, the Swiss had overtaken the Americans and Waltham and Elgin were no longer the companies they once were.

Today there seems to be two Walthams. One company is using the name to lable cheap Chinese watches, and the other is making very expensive high end Swiss. http://www.waltham.ch/

Although not the most desireable collectable, it is a solid, quality movmement just like the Swiss movements in that ligne size that are currently in production. The only difference would be shock protection.
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Great link to the Waltham site Scott, no idea they were still making watches.
Even a Waltham database search page in the 'Memorial' section.

Thanks for posting it.

Posts: 1282 | Location: Northern England, United Kingdom | Registered: January 07, 2006
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