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British watches : an hard, enchanting argument

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November 29, 2014, 16:41
Mario Pagani
British watches : an hard, enchanting argument
As far as I know, almost all of 'advanced horological technology' in XVIIth century has been developed in UK. But the fall out on the watches people could really buy was sooo slow in UK, so slow that 9/10th of watches sold in UK about 1830-40 were coming from abroad. This implies, I suspect, that the UK-manufactured watches were somehow peculiar, highly standardized, let's say 'very british'. Unfortunately, as far as I know, this makes very difficult to find out who was the actual watchmaker (I think almost impossible, also because I suspect also that the nice, ornate lettering on the watch just lead to the seller, the jeweller, and cases were often re-used). Do you think is it possible, at least, get some informations about the age of the movement from its, let's say,'style' ? If so, how ? I'm thinking of the transition from Tompion to Boseley regulators, the variations of engravings quality & such, but all it's ... liquid. The watches are beautiful, anyhow, or, at least I do like them. Any other member in love with Her Majesty fuseès ?
thanks and regards
November 29, 2014, 18:19
Ken Berry
Hi Mario
I'm a big fusee fan being British it's hard not to be. I have many fusee's and a few verge movements/watches
I guess using the different regulator/types and also the change from verge to lever to cylinder etc helps date certain movements.
Like grandfather clocks pocket watches have mainly the maker on the movement and /or dial but many have the "seller/jeweller" on the dial etc. my family are are a line of jewellers/watchmakers and I have a dial, movement and watch paper with the family business name all on them. Yet I know for fact that they didn't "make" watches. They would have bought in and branded, much like you can do today with China. We all know that "brand name" sells!! So I guess in the past "Benson, Forrest"et al would have been the Omega, Rolex etc of their day. TBH when I look at movements the first thing I look for is quality....then Brand. IMHO