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Audemars Freres Pocket Watch "Click" to Login or Register 
I need some help please! The following Audemars repeater pocket watch is avaiable to me, but I cannot find out much about it from Shugart. He lists Audemars, Piguet but the photos show a different type of movement. The watch is described as follows:
"AUDEMARS FRÉRES A 14ct Yellow Gold Hunting Case Minute Repeating Chronograph Pocket Watch. Keyless lever, white enamel face with Arabic numerals, recessed subsidiary seconds and sweep seconds. Chronograph stop and return operated by button in band. The repeat, on two gongs, also operated by a button in the band. The heavy case enhanced with engine turning, the front cover further decorated with a monogram engraved on a shield-shaped cartouche enclosed by oak leaves with a coronet surmount. The movement protected by a glazed viewing cover, in turn protected by a dust-cover and the outer case. A splendid time piece c1885 from the renowned house of Audemars."

As this is a high dollar item I would like to offer a realistic price. What is the connection between Audemars, Piguet; and Audemars Freres?

Can any Swiss expert/collector help? In the group photo the watch is bottom right.

Many thanks in advance

Posts: 77 | Location: Ashburton, New Zealand | Registered: June 06, 2004

Posts: 77 | Location: Ashburton, New Zealand | Registered: June 06, 2004

Posts: 77 | Location: Ashburton, New Zealand | Registered: June 06, 2004

Posts: 77 | Location: Ashburton, New Zealand | Registered: June 06, 2004

Audemars Freres

It is two names, see google search results about Audemars Piguet.

Audemars Piguet watches are the result of two master watchmakers, Jules-Louis Audemars and Edward Auguste Piguet, joining forces in 1875 to create luxury and complex watches, a tradition carried on today by their descendants.

Audemars Piguet

Founded 1875-1882 by Jules Audemars and Edward Piguet; located in LeBrassus, Vallee de Joux, Switzerland; renowned manufacturer of luxury watches of highest quality, with all complications, (such as calendar watches, repeat mechanisms, chronographs--also with sweep hands, Heures Sautantes); still extensively owned by the founding families today. Despite their high quality, the watches of this brand are sometimes undervalued. Price range from ca. $1,200 to $150,000.

You know approximately what the GOLD is worth and start adding from there.

As in all things, we can't tell you how much to pay for a watch, but a dollar guideline would be the result of your own research.

If you don't bid enough you may lose it and if you bid enough to win it you think you may have paid too much.

The value of a watch is usually determined by what someone paid for it. It sets a standard. That's how appraisals are done.

If you determine that the piece is worth $2000 then it could be $1000 less or more depending on condition.

Many factors go into how much you are willing to pay for it and most of them are unique to yourself.
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Thanks Jim

I also have done some Google research, and have found more about the brothers Audemars. They are related to the Audemars of Audemars, Piguet and produced some fine watches.

However the auctioneer has an idea they are worth more than their illustrious namesakes, and we are still negotiating on price. As a help I found a similar watch (although only a quarter repeater) on an english auction site. This gave me an idea of the watches true worth.

I do not have a good minute repeater in my collection so far, and will continue with this one to see where it goes. I will let you know.

Many thanks for your comments and help!

Best regards
Posts: 77 | Location: Ashburton, New Zealand | Registered: June 06, 2004
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btw,"FRÉRES" is the word for 'brothers' in French.

Nice looking watch. Often the cases of such watches are gold, but the gold can be rather thin. Although, the case on this one appears to be of normal thickness.

Best regards,

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