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Last days of steam

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December 14, 2002, 10:54
Jim Wallace
Last days of steam
Link to a wonderful story about The memoirs, photos and memorabilia of Trainman Allan B. Peden


His Hamilton watch

Jim Wallace

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December 14, 2002, 18:13
Brent Farrell
This is just one of the things that make this IHC forum so great!! Thanks JIM!! I have been reading the storys on this link for the last 2 hours and probably will be spending considerably more time!! Absolutely outstanding!!
It would appear that there are many members here that are not only watch "fanatics" (thats what my wife calls me) but also many Railroad "buffs" I find this stuff absolutely fascinating!!
In 1966 when I got out of the armed forces, I had the opportunity to hire on the CPR as a brakeman trainee.. Since then, I have often wondered what kind of road my life would have taken had I taken the job. I was a kid, had a girlfriend in the town I was living in, liked my beer, my friends ect. You guys probably know the scenario. I went on to become a "bush pilot" I dont regret that!

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December 17, 2002, 13:30
Mark Cross
I had the same opportunity to get on the Norfolk and Western in the late 70's in the locomotive shop, but hesitated, as all they could promise to teach me was how to drive a fork life and a truck. I could already drive a truck, and had already invested several years in the craft I was working in at the time. I passed, but have never regretted the decision, as 3 years later everyone who was hired got laid off, and a year after that the locomotive shop was moved out of my hometown, and never returned. The yard there is now nothing but a whistle stop rather than the large classification yard it used to be. Like the man says, it's a fickle life, and a hard one on families. Times change. Regards. Mark Cross

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