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10 hour watch of the French Revolution

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June 04, 2006, 03:06
Anthony Crisci
10 hour watch of the French Revolution
During the French Revolution in the decree of October 5 1793 the French did away with the 24 hour system we all know and love and adopted a decimal hour system. The day from midnight to midnight that we consider to be 24 hours long was divided into ten parts,each of those parts into ten others, so on until the smallest measurable portion of duration. They gave it up in 1795 . French watches made for this are sometimes known as revolution watches,24 hour movements but with a 10 hour decimal time dial often with a 24 hour markings as well. There were of course clocks made like this as well .

June 07, 2006, 23:49
Tom Seymour
Wow!!! Very interesting. I have learned something!!

Thanks for the great post!

June 12, 2006, 20:03
Robert L. Barnes
I also learned something today. I had no idea that this system existed.

Thanks Anthony.
Bob. Over in Van Wert, Ohio