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English watchmakers epitaph

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July 19, 2004, 09:52
Mark Cross
English watchmakers epitaph
I read this in a book yesterday, titled 'Discovering Epitaphs' by
Geoftrey N.Wright, 1996 (ok, no comments on my odd reading material now. Wink) that had the following inscription from a headstone in England...

"Here lies in horizontal position the outside case of George Routleigh, watchmaker; whose abilitites in that line were an honour to his profession. Intregity was the mainspring, and prudence the regulator of all the actions of his life. Humane, generous, and liberal, his hands never stopped till he had relieved distress. So nicely regulated were all his motions, that he never went wrong, except when set a-going by people who did not know his key; even then he was easily set right again. He had the art of disposing his time so well, that his hours glided away in on continual round of pleasure and delight, until an unlucky minute put a period to his existance. He departed this life November 14, 1802; aged 57; wound up, in hopes of being taken in hand by his maker; and of being thouroughly cleaned, repaired, and set a-going in the world to come."

Regards. Mark
July 20, 2004, 03:01
Ged Pitchford
Hi Mark, Very good epitaph, I think Spike Milligan's Is good,"I Told You I Was Ill" Alas nothing to do with Horology. Ged.
July 20, 2004, 22:33
Tom Seymour
Very good find Mark! thanks for posting it!

July 21, 2004, 10:01
Carlos Flores
a great man for sure... wish the same could be written after I pass... not likely..
July 21, 2004, 17:05
Mark Cross
My kids thought my favorite Latin phrase should be placed on my headstone when the day comes. It was (and IS) the ONLY phrase I even remember, 'Ibi ignis est?', meaning 'where is the fire'. Upon reflection, I really don't believe I want THAT one chisled on the stone. Eek WinkRegards. Mark