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My Grandfather's Clock

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March 14, 2018, 19:37
David D. McDonald
My Grandfather's Clock
I penned these lines as a form of expression.
It's a poem about my prized possession.
Made of wood and brass, it has weights and gears,
It's "My Grandfather's Clock, now lend me your ears.

My grandfather bought it, according to lore,
As he drove through the south, at an antique store.
When he gave it to me, I continued to say
"It's My Grandfather's Clock". So that name will stay.

Its gears and wheels were rusty and worn.
Its hands were aged, and its face forlorn.
It hung in his tavern, gathered dust very thick.
My Grandfather's Clock, so old, wouldn't tick.

It was given to me after several years.
I cleaned and oiled it, polished the gears,
In hopes that now without all that grime,
My Grandfather's Clock might finally keep time.

Its face is now smiling, what a grand antique.
It shows the month, and the day of the week.
If the days in a month number twenty nine,
My Grandfather's Clock will do just fine.

It was built by a legend, Seth Thomas his name.
This perpetual calendar clock was his fame.
For a century and more many walls it has graced.
My Grandfather's Clock now on my wall it's placed.

It's called an 'Office Calendar #2'.
Existing today, there are but a few
To me its value matters not.
My Grandfather's Clock cannot be bought!

Where has it hung? What's been its location?
A bank? City hall? A railroad station?
Who could ever reveal the mystique?
My Grandfather's Clock, if it could speak.

It ticks and it tocks never tiring it seems.
It even tick tocks sometimes in my dreams.
For about fifty years, I've kept this clock going.
My Grandfather's Clock… its beat never slowing.

And now as I grow older and older,
I can't help wondering who will shoulder
this awesome responsibility well.
My Grandfather's Clock only time will tell.

Dave McDonald

My Clock

March 14, 2018, 19:48
Melvin Siedman
JUST GRAND!!!!!!!!
March 15, 2018, 08:18
Dr. Debbie Irvine

Thank you David for sharing your poem as well as your clock!


April 25, 2018, 18:56
Kevin Hoffman
very nice , I have a couple clocks from the family , My father was equally sentimental , I was with him as he drove all over his hometown looking for the steeple clock that sat in the farmhouse , by this time it was only a shell with broken glass , today it resides on the oak buffet it had sat on so many years before proudly ticking away