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The Locomotive Engineer

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January 09, 2014, 12:18
Lorne Wasylishen
The Locomotive Engineer
Reading the B of LE journals is flat out boring but this magazine provides some great insight into running an engine in 1888-1891.

The Locomotive Engineer

A few snippets, the page # is that on the slider at the bottom of the page. I'll plug in the links later.

P.9 ~ Inspecting Watches

P.21 ~ Remembering Orders

P.39 ~ Engineers to the Front

P.91 ~ Shop Rules

P.94 ~ Giles Anti-Magnetic Shield for Watches

P.101 ~ The 24 Hour System

P.105 ~ The Extra Man

P.115 ~ Outlandish Names

P.119 ~ A Red Reminder

P.121 ~ Not As Bad If It Is Twice As Bad (Examining watches)

P.123 ~ To Hog Or Not To Hog

P.123 ~ Avoiding Butcheries (Watches)

P.131 ~ Historic Locomotives

P.133 ~ The Tootophone

P.139 ~ A Birthday Party (B of LE)

P.147 ~ Safe Train Orders

P.149 ~ Magnetism & Watches

P.149 ~ From Old Mexico

P.151 ~ The Standard 24 Hour Dial