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The Ghost Of Bear Mountain

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December 06, 2002, 15:13
Jim Wallace
The Ghost Of Bear Mountain
Follow this link for a strange story with a pocket watch found on some bones :


Jim Wallace
December 06, 2002, 15:31
Mark Cross
...he was an Elgin man! (grins) REALLY neat story. Thanks for sharing this one. High regards. Mark Cross
May 04, 2003, 17:04
Stephanie O'Neil
Thanks for the story. How clever of the writer in inserting a "go to" in reading his story! Cool

I was going to ask you who you thought the manufacture on the gold pocketwatch but Mark responded in his thread "Elgin guy". The print is so so small. How did Mark see that? Confused

Secondly, according to the story and an archeologist, this person may well have been a women because of the width of hips! Huuummmmm! Big Grin

Stephanie O'Neil
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