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Picture of Jim Hathaway
Mailed to and received by STEVE MADDOX of North Little Rock, Arkansas on Sept. 23, 2003 for repairs and never returned after numerous emails. 9/23/2003 Steve Maddox emailed me that he had picked up my Rolex and said it appears to have made the journey without any problems. He goes on the say that a particular spring on top of the ratchet wheel is broken and adds that he thinks the replacement spring costs somewhere in the $30.00 range. He goes on the give me the history of that particular model and advises that total repairs will be about $300.00. This was a lengthy response regarding my Rolex and said the watch would be worth about $1000.00 in good running order and as is it would bring between $400.00 and $600.00. Those are his written words and as he asked, I told him to go ahead with the necessary repairs....That was his second of two lengthy emails and I have sent emails and pleaded with him over the years, but still no watch...Don't know if any IHC 185 members are acquainted with Mr Maddox, but he lives at 2525 Old Military Rd; Jacksonville, Arkansas 72076....Also advised North Little Rock P.D. many years ago and received no results.....Don't expect to see the watch again, but thought an IHC 185 member may be acquainted..The address I mailed the watch to in Sept. 2003 was: 232 E. "G" Ave; North Little Rock, Arkansas 72116-8212

Jim Hathaway
IHC Member #285
Location: Apache Junction, Arizona USA
I have to say you are patient , I feel we are blessed to have such good watchmakers on site . Time may be your enemy here .

EDIT : I did a little searching and it looks like he bought park hill jewelers , try this link

Location: Maryland in the USA
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