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Posties got this one right -fair play dictates that this needs to be known

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February 17, 2011, 21:33
Tom Brunton
Posties got this one right -fair play dictates that this needs to be known
I sent a watch case to Jerry to the address he supplied !! He emailed several times wondering about it's whereabouts. Roll Eyes The post office when I called about the missing parcel said check the address on your label and then present it to us and we'll pay the insurance if it's correctly addressed and lost. Confused I checked the shipping label & scanned and emailed it to Jerry. He emailed me back that the address was wrong!! Eek Panic Mad Did the eyes or fingers fail as I made out the label??? While we were chatting on the Telephone I did a Google search on the Zip and it was Mexico. Boy did I botch up this one I thought. Then I called up Jerry's emails on my trusty old Mac and lo and behold he mistyped his own zip on his email to me a 7 that should have been a 9. He emailed me that it arrived today ,two months late, and I posted the few words below on the item site !!

I think the Canadian,American and Mexican Postal services all provided yeoman service and who knows how high the mileage is on this one You have to give the posties credit here as it was clearly supplied with a Mexican postal code on the label and likely went from Canada to Mexico then back to the good old USA. Zip codes and bar codes are great but they don't allow for human over-ride till the parcel reaches the wrong end or ends of the line perhaps several times around. That is when an error that visual checking by a human would spot in a heartbeat in the first instance isn't found for 2 months till in the last instance, a pair of human eyes looked at it and said,"Oh, that's got the wrong ZIP, that should have gone over here,instead of over there and two or three days later it appears , arrived safely at last in your mailbox Big Grin