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Another Patek lost. This time inside the Fedex.

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August 23, 2010, 16:03
Paulo Souza Daneu
Another Patek lost. This time inside the Fedex.

Another Patek that I sold was stolen and this time inside the Fedex.
The FedEx beyond of losing the watch did a serious mistake and because of this error my account at Ebay has been canceled.

The watch was shipped in last 07/02 and several times I called the FedEx in Brazil and they informing me that the pack was in clearance at Brazilian customs. And at now this is the status in fedex site the track number is 870823188388.

But in last 7/19 the buyer called Fedex from Canada and sent me the bellow email;
Very dear seller, I contacted FedEx, today, July 19, 2010 and asked them what was going on with that shipment?
The answer was that when they have a parcel to ship they verify the way bill and, with X-ray if the bill informations matches with the item inside the box.
They found no watch and istead there is cardboards inside the box.
I am contacting the international police and you will be prosecuted for that kind of felony.
Also, I am contacting ebay and PayPal companies to let them know the situation.

After I read this email I called the FedEx and they told me that the watch had been lost and that they would contact the buyer.
Well they called the buyer that sent me other email;
Karla from FedEx Brazil called me today to explain the situation.
1- I tought you were trying to cheat me, so I was mad and accused you of cheating. I am sorry about that, because after speaking with Karla, I got the information that the problem comes from the transporter that took the package from your address to bring it to FedEx for shipping.
She told me that they were doing an investiagation about that situation and they will contact you to ask some questions and the same thing with the transporter.
Meanwhile I asked PayPal to reimburse me with that purchase.
If you had any problems with other shippings before, I think it was about that transporter and not with Postal service or anyone else.
So, if you get back that pocket watch, send me an E-mail and I will be happy to do business with you, again.

This is only part of the story, the watch was stolen inside the Fedex and I lost my Ebay account due of lousy services provided by FedEx.

The watch is an Patek Gondolo, serial number 166919 the case is 18k solid pink gold and in back there is an monogram. Bellow is some photos of it.


August 23, 2010, 17:31
Ray Hallenbeck
I think I would be calling your local police and trying to find the thief that’s stealing your watches. Would seem that it is either the courier that picked up the watch or the Fed Ex recieving station that took control of it before it left Brazil.
August 23, 2010, 17:45
Roland Glenn
Sounds fishy. I've lost a few items once they got into Brazil from Canada, and that is why unfortunately I will no longer ship to Brazil even if the item is sent insured and registered. Pay Pal takes the side of the buyer every time, and I can't afford to just give away antique pocket watches.
Just my 2 cents on this.

R. Glenn
August 24, 2010, 16:05
Paulo Souza Daneu
I purchased about 500 watches in Ebay and received all of them only one time I did put a claim in Paypal. I did it because a seller told in advertisement that the case was solid gold but it was gold filled.

August 25, 2010, 01:29
Mary Ann Scott
Paulo - I am so sorry to hear of the trouble you have had with Fedex, eBay, Paypal and the buyer. At least the buyer now understands that this was not your fault.

While you work with Fedex to either find the watch or get your money back, I would also ask the buyer to contact eBay and Paypal and relay his communications with Fedex and that the watch was lost or stolen by them. You may be able to get your accounts re-instated. Although there are no guarantees on that per stories I have read.
eBay and Paypal both favor the buyer in most situations no matter who may be at fault.

We will all keep an eye out for your Patek and hope that you will recover it. It has happened before and it can happen again!