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Hamilton 992B movement only sales "Click" to Login or Register 
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Does anyone know if Hamilton ever sold 992B movements alone, uncased, to jewelers or jobbers? I have a first year movement in an anomaly case, the details of which I will post soon.
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I was under the impression that in the early 1900’s when you purchased a watch you could go to a jeweler and specify the movement you wanted, and the case you wanted, so I imagine that the jeweler ordered them separately.

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I read somewhere that Hamilton's were cased at the factory starting in the mid 1920's and that all of them were cased at the factory buy 1928 or 1929 (I don't remember which). I also heard that Hamilton also ran short on the proper cases that the movements were suppose to go into and some were cased in other cases by Hamilton. How much of this is true I don't know but that is my understanding.

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Oops, sorry. Just reread your post. You we’re asking about 992B. My comment would have been applicable to 992.

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William, I would say no based on the ads. by Hamilton and the other
sources available to me. But who knows for sure.
The adage "never say never" comes to mind.

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